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Biking Vikings
30 Sep, 2010 -
01 Okt, 2010
Grete Aagaard, Barbara Katzin, Tanja Nellemann Poulsen, Lise Skou, Dorte Pedersen, Thorbjørn Reuter Christiansen
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Collective project by rum46 - an artist run project space in Århus (Denmark) will intervene in the streets of New York City with the:

Biking Vikings
Recycling Fluxus into the urban spaces of New York City.

As we navigate the city by bike, one of us will ride a "chalk bike," drawing a line and thereby creating a narration around the city.

We will make a route around Manhattan with four stations. At each station there will be interactive performances; 1: The chalk re-mapping performance (streets of Manhattan), 2: The balloon concert (Central Park), 3: The bottle post happening (Brooklyn Bridge Park), 4: The recipe that went up in smoke (Battery Park).

The performances will take place 30th of September from 10 am to 10 pm.

The performances documentation will be screened in the The Emily Harvey Foundation (EHF) New York Gallery 1st of October from 7 pm and we will serve open-faced sandwiches, herring and snaps. The Address is: The Emily Harvey Foundation - 537 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10012.

more info: www.emilyharveyfoundation.org

About rum46:
rum46 started as a non-profit exhibition space for contemporary art in 1995. As an artist-curator collective rum46´s curatorial practice is today characterized through the key words socio-political and exchange.

The projects and art practices rum46 presents often focus on social dialogue, communication and action, which can put important social and political problems in play. The participants involved show new spaces and possibilities of action, alternatives in relation to the society we are part of, via exchanging and interaction in social, political and cultural fields - with a starting point, amongst others, in the aesthetic.

The short termed projects presented by rum46 as well as the parallel initiatives by each member reflect the heterogeneity of voices and interests within the group. At the present time different kinds of international exchange-projects, actions in public open network database and sound events are some of many initiatives. rum46 also encompass live performances, reading groups, investigations on digital media, smaller exhibitions, book editions and debates as host or collaborator with artists, artist groups, curators, theoreticians and educational institutions.


Room for Improved Futures
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