Backstage Beer Musical
28 maj, 2010 -
28 maj, 2010
Ulla Hvejsel(DK) og Sonya Schönberger(DE)

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'I went to a bar and I wanted a chair
but the chair only wanted to know what I wanted
but you know what I want
I'm the one who wants beer'

Kom og syng med til the Backstage Beer Musical, som er en berusende performance - om øl, ølkultur, historien bag øl, vores første møde med øl - og om at være sådan een som 'man' kan drikke en øl sammen med.

'The Backstage Beer Musical' er et samarbejde mellem kunstnerene Ulla Hvejsel og Sonya Schönberger. De to kunstnere har tidligere vist værker og projekter rum46 og vi ser frem til også at præsentere denne nye performance.

Rum46 presents:

Backstage Beer Musical
a performance by Ulla Hvejsel (DK) and Sonya Schönberger (DE)

Friday May 28, 2010, at 20:00
Studsgade 46
8000 Århus C

The Backstage Beer is a variety show for shadows, consisting of a number of musical scenes, based on situations from everyday life and other truths behind the facade. The musical is set in an undisturbed exemplary environment, sterilized of chance, body, psychology and other real-life jeopardies - and in the wholly unreal genre of musical, where conversation goes on in crazy singing, we will feel free to imagine a nightmare of assumptions about what goes on when the curtains are down.

In this one-dimensional paperworld test-site, we take the ideals and assumptions of our time to their utmost consequence: One of the characters is a stereotypical political character, who, painfully detached from being ordinary, must deal with a difficult balancing act between a position where s/he stands out from the crowd, and a likeness to the crowd that will make her/him trustworthy (a likeness described by many democratic voters when they claim that "they want to vote for someone who they can have a beer with"). This assumption becomes the basis for a drunken tale of truth, despair and more beer – wrapped nicely in an accommodating, easy-going sing show.

The show itself is a display of classical analogue stage-magic, a simplicity of light and shadows, the roots of all visual media. It is played by the shadows of our time, the shadows behind the curtain, the outlines of all the hidden truths beyond our knowledge.


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